The Future Looks Bright for LPNs in New Jersey

It’s an exciting time to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in New Jersey, as they are among some of the highest paid LPNs in the country. Job growth for LPNs in New Jersey is on the rise, right in line with job growth across the U.S. For those who want a career in healthcare but are unsure of which path to take, beginning an LPN career may be an option you want to consider.

Practical Nurses work under the instruction of Registered Nurses and doctors, and are responsible for caring for elderly, disabled, in-patient and clinical patients. Their duties include basic bedside care, patient bathing and taking vital signs, among others.

The Steps to Becoming a Practical Nurse

It’s important that you complete high school or earn your GED if you want to become an LPN. After that, you should take a Practical Nursing program of study at a school approved by the New Jersey Board of Nursing. This program will prepare you to take the NCLEX-PN exam, the next step in the application process for New Jersey LPNs.

After you successfully complete the NCLEX-PN exam, you can finish applying for your New Jersey license through the New Jersey Board of Nursing.

New Jersey LPN Schooling Options

Most educational programs for LPNs take at least one year to complete. Here are a few schools approved by the state of New Jersey to prepare applicants for licensure:

  • Jersey College—Nursing School, Ewing Campus. This school, locatednear Trenton, offers an LPN program approved by the state and offers classes to students in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. There are day and night classes to accommodate busy schedules. The program takes four 12-week terms to complete (approximately 12 months).
  • Middlesex County Vocational & Technical Schools. With a Practical Nursing program located on the Piscataway campus, this school offers a 15-month program to future LPNs. The program includes classes in Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition and Behavioral Sciences, among many more rigorous nursing courses.
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How to Get Your LPN License

The application for Practical Nurses in New Jersey costs $200 total. While completing LPN education at a state-approved nursing school, the student should begin preparing to take the NCLEX-PN exam. The applicant must also submit a small, passport-style photo upon application.

For LPNs who were licensed out-of-state, the endorsement method of application allows them to transfer their skills to New Jersey. Out-of-state LPNs must provide verification of licensure and education from all previously licensed states.

Strong Job Opportunities and High LPN Salaries

New Jersey LPNs are on track with the rest of the country in terms of job growth, with a 12.5 percent growth in employment within the state predicted by the year 2026 by the Projections Managing Partnership (PMP). An average of 1,540 LPN jobs open each year in New Jersey, offering new opportunities to nurses in the state.

New Jersey LPNs are paid extremely well compared to the rest of the country, with a mean salary of $26.37 per hour, or $54,840 annually. The national average LPN salary, by comparison, is $21.65 per hour.

LPNs Across the State

In 2017, the highest number of LPNs worked in Newark out of all New Jersey cities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). After that, the metropolitan division of Camden followed with the second highest number of LPNs in the state. The highest earning LPNs were located in Newark and Trenton, with average incomes of $27.31 and $26.56 per hour, respectively.

With job opportunities growing across the state and strong income, LPNs in New Jersey should have no trouble advancing in their careers and enjoying job security. The future looks bright for LPNs in New Jersey.

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How much do licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses earn in the state of New Jersey?

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses in the state of New Jersey made an average of $57,510 per year in 2019. Entry-level licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses earned around $45,680 and some experienced professionals earned salaries as high as $70,510.

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